Welcome to the Countryside Medical Clinic. In order to make your appointment more pleasant, we would like to acquaint you with certain office policies. If you should have any questions regarding any aspect of your care at this office, please do not hesitate to call.
Lab /Radiology Results
We will contact you with your lab/radiology results and recommendations after they have been reviewed by a provider. Please make sure your correct phone number is on file at each visit. If you have not received Radiology results within 5 days of the test, please contact our office with name and phone number of the facility where you had it done, we will make every effort to get your results.
Please ask for medication refills at the time of your appointment. Refills are done only during office hours. Refills requested between office visits will be considered only for special circumstances. Routine medications are prescribed for 90 days, schedule your appointment before you run out of medications. Narcotic prescriptions require an original prescription be taken to the pharmacy, therefore, narcotics cannot be prescribed on the phone between visits.

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